25 March 2011

My Creative Corner - One More Day!!!

Tomorrow is the first show I'm doing this year! I'm very excited; I had a blast at the shows I "vended" (is that a word?) at last year. I've been busting my butt to get cards and stuff done. You can see a few of them on my facebook page, but here are ones that I have finished in the last few days:

ladybug invitations

butterfly cupcake toppers

butterfly birthday cards

creamsicle party invitations

monkey party invitations

monkey toppers (coordinate with above invites)

cookie monster toppers

elmo toppers

I've had so much fun making the toppers; I have so many ideas, I only have to order the card stock and punches to make more. I hope the people coming to the sale tomorrow will like them as much as I do!


  1. The ladybug invitations are super cute!

  2. Hi! I'm now following you from the CAST team on Etsy. Your cards and toppers are very cute. Here's my blog if you want to follow back: http://www.brendashandmade.blogspot.com/.

  3. Thanks, Rach! I think I like them best too! But they took the longest to make, since I had to cut the ladybugs by hand. But I'd do them again any day! :)

  4. Wow you are so creative! How do you think of all these things?! I love the ladybug and creamsicle invitations. They are both so creative!!

  5. Hey Shirley! How'd the sale go?

    I LOVE those ladybug invites - they are SO cute!!!

  6. It went pretty well, Lauren! I got a few custom orders from it for birthday party invites! :)


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