14 March 2011

Featured Artisan - triquimoches

Today's artisan is makes AWESOME plushies! Monsters! no, Triquimoches:

From a young age, I enthusiastically in the world of children's illustration and the idea of drawing my own fantasy and imagination, and make it a real world. Thus was born my handmade friends - The Triquimoches - full of color, love and joy. Simple but very beautiful and cute. It was my dream come true! Thanks to my friends and family, I had the support and encouragement to embark on this wonderful adventure. Together we explored the world, we have traveled in fantastic stories and we have so much fun! Suddenly everyone wanted my plushies for celebrations, birthdays and parties, all called for a Triquimoche, to give in their lives or the lives of your loved ones! Therefore, Triquimoches have come to you, allowing you love them. 

Theses Triquimoches are each are deisgned and  handmade by Vega, in her studio in Spain. Each Triquimoche has its own story and attributes, making each one not only unique in look and style, but also in personality!

Here is a little bit about Vega in her own words:

I was born and raised within a poor family and since childhood my mother instilled a love of crafts. I always liked seeing the craft books from my mother! I always had something going to do. 

Over time I became a graphic designer (currently working on it), but my dream has always been to make children's illustration, many of my creations start from there. I like the world of children and I am very fortunate when one of my little go to a new home to cheer up one of them. 

The idea of Triquimoches are inspired by old fairy tales and fantasy. Currently, children only play on consoles and watching TV, I wanted to rescue the love of traditional toy made of cloth, I enjoyed it so much as a child with them!. 

All of them are handmade with all my love and dedication, my ooaks are unique works filled with details, no two are alike. as possible, I'm going directly to the sewing room. is my passion! 

Many of my jobs have gone to far away countries, France, USA, Australia, england, canada ,.... has been fantastic! the love and support of my work is very important to me. 

Here are my favourite Triquimoches:

My son, Alexander, loves his plush toys. He's constantly playing with them, and he occasionally brings one to church or the store with him - he loves them so much! So I am going to begin to add some Triquimoches to his collection (or maybe start my own!).

The colour and quality of each piece is stunning and beautiful! Each Triquimoche will last a lifetime! The last picture of most of these little monsters are shown in someone's hands, showing the size - and they are larger than I expected them to be - see for yourself!

Take a look at all the different Triquimoches here, and let me know which is your favourite!

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  1. These are such adorable little creatures!! I think my favorite is actually one of them that you show here, Ishut Monster Ojiloqui. He is sooo cute!


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