04 March 2011

My Creative Corner - Lots Done, But Not Completed

I've been busy this week! I've created the majority of 70 cards for the craft shows I'm in this year. Not individual cards - I made seven sets of ten cards. Unfortunately, I'm waiting for some supplies before I can finish them, so there are no pictures of them this week. However, once they are done, I will save a set for etsy, so hopefully you will see it in my shop sometime next week. Just keep popping in my shop every once in a while!

But that is not all I did this week! I know, I know, who knew there would be more! I also had time to listing another set of cards on etsy:

This design I made for Jeffery's clients for the month of March; I made 30 of them! I enjoyed making them so much, I decided to make four more for my shop! I tried 'dressing up' the photo a little by wrapping up the cards with a ribbon... I'm not sure if I like it or not... what do you think?


  1. I would like to see the card themselves as well, but I really enjoy the thick white ribbon, it really 'pops'!


  2. There are other pictures of the cards in the shop on etsy! :)


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