07 March 2011

Featured Artisan - blueroombijoux

Today's artisans are a mother/son team who work in two different countries, like last week's artist. Martin and Marietta split their work between Minnesota and Greece, their motherland. I first saw their shop while I was browsing through necklaces. I love necklaces, but I just never seem to wear any! But seeing their gorgeous shop, it made me want to!

I was able to contact Marietta about doing this feature, and she was pleased; however, they are extremely busy! They just moved their physical gallery to a new location, so they were not able to write a few words about their company and work. Here are some snippets from their profile on etsy:

Everything listed in our page is handmade either in our studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota or in our studio in Greece (our original homeland). We live and work between the two countries, yea I know it sounds nice! This is a family business and the work is handmade by Martin(son) or Marietta (mother).

The variety of jewelry pieces in our store are all handmade by us and since the materials we use are 100% natural and of the best quality, there is a slight variation from piece to piece. This makes the work unique and always one of a kind!

Find us in real life! We are at: Gallery OKTO - http://galleryokto.com/

Here is just a taste of what you can find in their etsy shop:

Their jewelry is mostly directed for weddings. I know that I'm already married, but if I ever do it again (lol), I will get my jewelry from this shop! Their pieces are absolutely gorgeous! So airy and feminine! 

My favourite piece is this one. Which is your favourite?

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