19 January 2011

Focus on Family - January 19

Well, this is my first post focusing on my family.  Let me tell you a bit about us...  Jeffery and I got married on May 15, 2004.  We moved to PEI a few days after we were married, since Jeff had a work opportunity there.  We quickly found a church family at Summerside Baptist Church, where we met and quickly grew to love many wonderful people.  Jeff and I were the leaders of the youth group, TNT (Teens in Touch), and we had a blast loving these teens to God, trying to teach by word and example of how to live according to the Way.  We bought a house in October 2005 out in Middleton.  We both loved it out there, the pace of life, the friendly people, the beautiful scenery... but I missed my family too much (who mean a LOT to me), so in October 2007, we moved back to Hamilton, where we both grew up.

We rented out our house in PEI and rented a puny two bedroom apartment in the west end.  It was quite the struggle to downsize from a full three bedroom house to a small two-bedroom apartment (which didn't even have a diningroom!), but the location was wonderful, being right on the railtrail going into Dundas, and being within walking distance to all the essentials.

On June 2, 2008, Alexander Jeffery was born, and when we discovered that I was expecting child number two, we decided to put our house in PEI up for sale and buy a house here.  The house sold fairly quickly, and we snatched up this beautiful fixer-upper with tons of space and even more potential in the east end of Hamilton in May 2010.  It's a work in progress, but we always wanted to buy a house we could fix up ourselves.

On December 21, 2010, Isabel Marikje was born, and she has been a joy so far.  She lets me know very loudly when she is hungry and I'm not getting to her fast enough, and she wakes up every two hours or so during the night, but we all love having her around!  She can hold her head up for a little while, and she doesn't like leaning back when she's sitting.  It's a bit of a struggle trying to take care of two kids and keep a house relatively clean, but somehow I'm managing.  Alexander is bonding more and more with daddy now that mommy is always so busy with Izzy, which is a wonderful thing, since Alexander is such a mommy's boy.

Here are a few pictures of what goes on during a typical day in our house.

Alexander loves playing with his alphabet rug - he knows almost all the letters!

and, of course, he has to show me the letter and let me know that he knows which one it is - he can say all the letters except C, G, and W.

snack time!

laughing at one of mommy's many funny faces

Alexander is learning the colours while playing with some old Christmas bows.  He can say red, white, gold, and purple.

Whenever Isabel is accessible to him, he has to go to her and give her kisses.

Isabel tries so hard to sit up on her own, if I'm not careful, she will fall forward!
So this gives you a little peek into our lives.  Till next time!

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