28 January 2011

Gift Card Holders with a NEW DESIGN!

I have had a little more time this week to create compared to last week, and other than a custom order I received, I made a few gift card holders for Valentine's Day.  I know I would prefer receiving a gift card over chocolates or flowers or lingerie - maybe I'm more practical than other women... ?

These gift card holders are a different design than the ones I made at Christmas.  I think these ones are much more user-friendly; there isn't a tie-around that you have to pull off and put back on again, it's just velcro.  very strong velcro.  Here are some pictures:

What do you think?  Do they look like they are more user friendly than the ones I made at Christmas?  Let me know!

You can purchase these fabulous gift card holders on my etsy shop.  If you live in the Hamilton area, you can save on the shipping because I will more than likely be able to hand deliver your order to you!  You would just have to choose the option to pay via money order, and in the message to seller section at checkout, just let me know that you are in the Hamilton area, and we can arrange a time and place!

I hope you like them!


  1. Mrs. Martin those are fabulous!

    - your (and your family's) biggest fan, auntie niki

  2. This is adorable design..this is what i want to do with my Gift Card envelopes.


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