07 February 2013

Result of resolution number two - part one

If you've been reading my blog for a while (well, since the beginning of 2013), you likely would have read my posts about my 2013 resolutions. Really, I have only two. The first one was to get organized. Honestly, who doesn't, right?

I also wrote about my second resolution: to lose weight and get fit. In that blog post, I had stated that I was about to start on a "cleanse" called the Ultimate Reset. And this is my results post (see? I can follow through!).

Here are my results in a nutshell:

I lost 10 pounds and went down a pant size. WOO-HOO! Here are the details of what I did.
This reset was 21 days, so three weeks. The program came with everything you needed plus a meal plan for each day! To be completely honest, I didn't follow it to the letter, but I was in the ball park of what I needed to eat. I wrote my review of each of the weeks on a fitness blog, which is kind of cool!


If you're interested in knowing more about this Ultimate Reset, please contact me, and I'll tell you all about it!


Now, at the end of the resolutions post, I claimed that I was going to start the workout program called Insanity. So yeah, I'm not doing it. But that's because I was invited to a workout challenge group, and we're doing a workout program called TurboFire. And I LOVE TurboFire! The workouts still totally whup my butt (and yes, I'm aware of the spelling issue there, but I like whup better than whoop), but I'm getting such a good workout! I've only been doing it for just over a week, and Jeff told me that he's already seeing some tightening of my rear end situation (if you know what I mean), so that's SUPER!!!

But now that I'm a part of a workout challenge group (it's on Facebook), I'm "in", so if you're interested in participating, let me know, and I can totally hook you up! (Yeah, I'm that cool). Honestly, though, I love the support and motivation I'm getting from this group. Because even though it's online, we keep each other accountable for each day's workout, and everyone is so pumped about setting and reaching their goals - it's just such a great environment!

Anyhoo. 'Nuff said. Later, dudes (and dude-ettes).

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