03 February 2013

14 DIYs for Valentines :: Day 3

How it is done (directions written below):
What you need:
  • a number of toilet rolls (these were already red)
  • fishing line
  • beads
  • needle
  • a ring to hang the hearts on
  • scissors
  • ruler and pencil
  1. Pick a toilet roll and press it flat. Use a ruler to draw stripes of 2cm wide, cut off and now you have narrow strips. Form to a heart. If you do not have red toilet rolls, then paint them and wait until they dry.
  2. Cut off a piece of fishing line and tie down a bead.
  3. After the bead comes the heart.
  4. Now it looks like this.
  5. Grab a new bead and thread it on there, now you go again like the first time through the bead around.
  6. Now it looks like this, you can still move the bead but it won't fall down. Now begin again with step 3. When you are finished hang the wires to the ring and you can gently slide the beads so the hearts have the same distance from each other.

Trees Hide

***All directions and images are from the link under the first image.***

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