20 August 2012

Featured Seller :: French Attic Finds

I absolutely love love LOVE the pictures that Marmen takes for her vintage shop, French Attic Finds. I'm finding more and more items that she photographs that I would like to get, just because the photograph looks so awesome - nothing about if I need the item or not.

Okay, I could totally use these scissors (well, I would need only one) for my displays at craft sales - showing off rustic, old tools are interesting for me to see, so I'm thinking that others would like them too!

But I don't even LIKE escargot! That's what these little dishes are - escargot serving dishes.
But this picture is awesome.

This is a coffee drip. We don't even have coffee in our house.

Okay, bowls are cool, in any shape or size. I just love this picture - it just breathes homey to me.

There are a lot of other awesome things you can find in Marmen's vintage shop. I encourage you to look around! Here are the links again:

Trees Hide


  1. I love that last bowl... Makes me think of French countrysides and fresh food.

    Following :)


    1. Thanks for following, Jamie! Have a great day. -Shirley


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