05 August 2012

aaand... we're back.

We returned from vacation, and man, it's good to be home. Jeff didn't want to leave, which I can understand, but I'm so much more of a home body than he is, and there is so many things I want to get done! My vacation to-do list was an epic fail, but that was mostly because I spent all of last week toilet training Alexander, and that requires one's full and complete attention the entire time (he went cold turkey wearing underwear).

Here are a few pictures of our week away. We almost didn't have these for you to view, since I forgot our camera at the playground one day. But someone found it, looked at our pictures and figured out who we were, and returned the camera to us. SO thankful. I would not want to get a new camera; ours is great.

Loving the curvy slide.

The girl who is destined to give me a heart attack.

My handsome husband.

Sunglasses upside down!

Enjoying the sand.

Tallest person in the family!

Loving the canoe

Mr. Cool Dude

Finding bliss on the swing.

Big boy swing!

We all had such a great time at Joy Bible Camp, and we are planning to go next year too.

Trees Hide

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  1. Nice pictures....love the kids in the swings. I am sure the kids will remember this for a while.


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