101 in 1001

I've been wanting to create a list like this for myself for a while, but I have just never gotten around to it. So I'm hunkering down tonight, and let's see how far I get...

Start Date: 01-Jan-2012
End Date: 28-Sep-2014

work in progress  
not completed

last updated: 8-April-2013

1. Complete a "101 Things in 1001 Days" list

2. Get an updated family picture taken.
3. Organize all the children's clothes.
4. Get life insurance.
5. Visit the Toronto Zoo.
6. Complete the Financial Peace University course. (25-April 2012)
7. Visit the ROM. (23-June-2012)
8. Visit Casaloma.
9. Visit Niagara Falls together.
10. Take a trip to PEI.
11. Go camping. (29-July - 4-August-2012)

For me...
12. Don't drink pop for 30 days in a row. (Mar 2012)
13. Get a nice haircut. (2-Feb-2012)
14. Get a massage. (31-Jan-2012)
15. Read one book (for fun) every month for a year. (12 of 12)
16. Visit an art gallery.
17. Gain a penpal.
18. Exercise at least 3 days every week for 3 months.
19. Go to bed BEFORE 11:00 p.m. every night for 30 days.
20. Watch 10 movies I have not yet seen. (10 of 10)

21. Read the Bible every day for 30 days.
22. Go on a women's retreat. (May 8-10, 2012)
23. Pray every night with Jeff for 30 days.
24. Memorize 15 new verses of Scripture. (0 of 15)
25. Read a Bible story with Alexander before bed at night for 90 days.
26. Pray with people (right away) when they say they need prayer.
27. Write in my prayer journal every day for a year. (0 of 365)
28. Read "Walking with God" by John Eldredge.
29. Read "Alone with God" by John MacArthur.
30. Read "Sacred Influence" by Gary Thomas.

31. Ride in a limo. (1-Dec-2012)
32. Get a tattoo. (scary!)
33. Ride a motorcycle. (not drive one, I'm not crazy!) (September 29, 2012)
34. Make Christmas gifts for everyone in my immediate family myself. (3 of 7) - MD, A, L
35. Go on 5 FREE dates with Jeff. (2 of 5)
36. Go to a book store and leave a note in five random books for their new owners. (1 of 5)
37. Climb a tree and photograph that bit of fun.
38. Document an entire day in photographs.
39. See a musical.
40. Have a crazy recipe party.

For the house...
41. Organize our bedroom.
42. Empty the basement of all junk.
43. Give/throw away said junk.
44. Rip up the horrible "floors" in the basement.
45. Knock down the stupid wall in the basement.
46. Purchase and install a new kitchen countertop.
47. Install new kitchen backsplash.
48. Install new kitchen sink.
49. Get a dishwasher.
50. Fix the leaky water pipes for the main floor shower.
51. Fix the faucet in the main floor bathroom.
52. Finish hanging our pictures/artwork.
53. Build the wall between Alexander and Isabel's side of the room to make two rooms.
54. Install light switch on Alexander's side of the room.
55. Empty out the shed of all the garbage.
56. Take out the back door and close up the wall.
57. Tear down the back deck.
58. Clean out backyard.
59. Tear out pitiful landscaping at the front of our house.

The Orange Windmill...
60. Register the business.
61. Re-prioritize my blog.
62. Reorganize my craft space.
63. Complete a wholesale line sheet.
64. Approach 5 shops for wholesale accounts.
65. Sell my products in one B&M storehere
66. Sell at 12 craft sales. (6 of 12)
67. Get 100 listings up in my shop. (21-June-2012)
68. Get to 500 blog followers. (9-Aug-2012)
69. Get to 500 Twitter followers. (18-Feb-2012)
70. Get to 500 Facebook fans. (20-Mar-2012)

Artistic Achievements...
71. Learn how to sew on the sewing machine I got from gramma.
72. Learn how to knit. (12-Mar-2012)
73. Make a messenger bag out of old jeans.
74. Make a dress for Isabel.
75. Make t-shirt yarn.
76. Draw something every day for 30 days. (0 of 30)
77. Complete a daily photo challenge. here
78. Make a curtain set for the living room.
79. Crochet an area rug with t-shirt yarn.
80. Paint a picture to hang in our home.

81. Donate blood twice. (scary!) (1 of 2)
82. Give out five gift cards to random people in the name of Jesus. (0 of 5)
83. Send flowers to a random person in the hospital.
84. Volunteer at a fundraising event. (2-Mar-2013)
85. Volunteer at Neighbour to Neighbour.
86. Sponsor three Cotui children.
87. Give out bag lunches at Gore Park.
88. Have a guest over for dinner "just because" three times. (3 of 3)
89. Send a "just because" package to someone. (16-Aug-2012)
90. Participate in a support event. (24-March-2012)

91. Make and can strawberry jam.
92. Make a weekly dinner plan for 4 weeks. (Feb 2012)
93. Make bread from scratch.
94. Make my own tomato sauce. (13-Feb-2012)
95. Bulk up the basement pantry. (16-May-2012)
96. Plant a vegetable garden.
97. Cook grilled cheese sandwiches without burning them 5 times. (5 of 5)
98. Take a cooking class.
99. Make homemade oreo cookies.
100. Attend a dinner theatre.

101. Donate $2.00 to charity for each item not completed by the end date.